Wednesday, 30 September 2015

How to select a good Builder

Selecting a New Home Builder

When you decide to buy a vacant block or knock down and rebuild a brand-new home, choosing the right builder is as important as choosing your style and plan of your home.

When you purchase a home, you also "buy" the company that will build it. Your satisfaction will depend on their experience, their skills and their commitment to customer service.

An important part of the home building process lies in determining that you are dealing with the builder themselves who has the necessary qualifications and is able to meet your needs and expectations.

There are thousands of builders in Sydney, ranging from small companies building a few houses a year to large building companies constructing hundreds of homes annually.

As you look at your building requirements, also think about the building company behind them. Before choosing a building company, take a close look at each builder you are considering and ask and consider these questions:

• Who are they?
• Do they build a quality home?
• What is their after-sales service like?
• What’s their reputation, what do others say about them?
• Have you spoken to past clients that they have constructed for?
• Are they pressuring you into signing a contract within a certain time frame? This is the biggest   hint,that they are trying to draw you in
• Are they asking for money to obtain a final tender? This is another big hint that they will hit you up with many extras once you have signed the dotted line.
• Does the package they are offering sound too good to be true? If there package is cheap and seems to good to be true – it usually is!
• Does the sales person your communicating with sound very pushy and keeps trying to convince you to sign up quickly? This is also a very important sign to be aware of.
* Am I going to be a valued client to this company or am I just a number ?


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